Referees Corner

Referees Schedules

To put your name here, please access the google sheet under this link and you will be able to put your name directly. Also, be considerate of your others refs, don’t take a full week, leave some for others.

Referees informations

Name Home Cell Work E-mail
Terry Brookes 873-8440 767-9084 ext 31065
Al Cardinal (J&A Fire) 777-4957 873-7336
Mike Yakabuski (Arcan) 669-9508 920-6167
Craig Hockridge (Kasteelers) 445-5511
Mark Hilman (J&A Fire) 766-2556 444-9297
Josh Campbell 688-1984 669-2633
Rob Bubar (Ron’s Auto) 873-2144 445-6866
Clark Marino (Tait) 444-5973
Stephane Gagne (Kasteelers) 446-6890
Chris Hewitt (Blades) 446-0199
Ellick Pau (JTFN)
Jamie Chambers (Blades) 445-7239
Thomas Harvey (JTFN)
Pierre Bouchard (JTFN) 613-827-3687
Rob Carey (Arcan)_