Goalies Bank

We all know it’s hard to find a replacement goalie. We have made a bank for you to use if you cannot find one.

If any of these goalies are not in Yellowknife anymore, or do not want to sub anymore, please send us an email at ykoldtimers@gmail.com so we can remove them from the list.


Name Work Tel Home Tel Cell Email Notes
Chris Zoubeles 445-4884 museumcafe@ssimicro.com don’t call between 11am and 1pm
Spencer Lyman 446-2442 opportunityknocked@yahoo.ca
Collin Avey 765-6680 688-1107 cavey7@gmail.com
Kevin Whitehead 920-8885 446-0669 kevin_whitehead@gov.nt.ca
Chris Hunt 445-3956 chris@asphalt.ca
Ron Breadmore 445-7907 breadmore@northwestel.net
Masaya Koyonagi 688-1676 masaya21@hotmail.com
Jon Howe 873-5151 446-3814 dumbpuck@theedge.ca not available FRI’s or SAT’s
Josh Campbell 688-1984 goalstopper33@gmail.com
Mike Roesch 669-2548 445-4642 michael.roesch@aandc.gc.ca
Gerald Tetlichi 447-2454 gerald_tetlichi@live.ca
Robin Greig 873-2948 446-9228 greigs@theedge.ca
Jan Barbier 306-203-6110 jand.barbier@gmail.com
Damien Kailek 445-1721 damienkailek101@gmail.com
Raymond Chiasson 920-2055 444-9138 Raymond.chiasson@forces.gc.ca
Michael Hungle 445-4622 michael.hungle@gmail.com
Chris Pedersen 765-8323 christof.pedersen78@gmail.com
Randy Caines 446-0591 randy.caines@yk1.nt.ca
Jean Yves Gauthier 688-2624 jeanyvesgauthiersmailbox@gmail.com
Johnathan Bisson 446-9250 bisson_jb@hotmail.com
Jake Olson 446-9209 jolsonpics@gmail.com
Paul Kelly pwskelly@ymail.com