Here a list of all the executive peoples and all voting members and their contact information. For a general question, please send it ykoldtimers@gmail.com


Name Team/Position Email/Phone
Michael Yakabuski North Tech/League President Michael_Yakabuski@gov.nt.ca  867-446-5224
Rob Bubar Rons / Vice President
Fred Deschenes Blasters/Discipline fred.deschenes@crowemackay.ca  867-445-8605
Jeff Dalley North Tech /Treasurer jdalleycga@gmail.com  867-445-3442
Michael Roesch Tait Hawks/Secretary michael.roesch@aandc.gc.ca   867-445-4642
League Support
Chris Hewitt Referee in Chief Chris_Hewitt@gov.nt.ca
Stéphane Gagné Kasteeler’s/Website Coordinator & Scheduler luibei@hotmail.com  867-446-6890
Voting Members
Nick Bassett Bassett Petroleum nikbassett@bassettcompanies.com  867-446-6246
Gary Schauerte Ron’s Auto gary_schauerte@gov.nt.ca  867-445-6262
Mike Maduke Black Knight Blades mike@raggedassroad.ca  867-444-8212
Damon Crossman Miramichi Builders damon_crossman@gov.nt.ca 867-444-9740
Brad Duesome Greenbacks duey75@hotmail.com  867-445-6990
Jeff Round  Tait  1roundj@gmail.com   867-444-8440
Rob Gau J&A Fire Protection  rob_gau@gov.nt.ca
Arthur Penty Northbest Ole Packers apenty@gmail.com  867-766-3117