2015 edition

32nd Annual Canadian North

Balsillie Cup Old Timers Hockey Tournament

April 9-12, 2015

To all Old Timer Hockey Players, Coaches, and Managers

Please accept this letter as an invitation to your team to participate in the 32nd Annual Balsillie Cup Old Timer Hockey Tournament.  This year’s tournament will be played in the Yellowknife Community Arena and the Yellowknife Multiplex Arena featuring the Shorty Brown and Ed Jeske ice surfaces.

Registration shall be limited to the first thirty two (32) Teams.  Early bird team registration for $750.00 is open to March 1, 2015. The entry fee will be $800.00 after March 1st. The registration deadline for all teams is March 20th.  Registration means a completed team list plus payment received by the registrar by March 20, 2015.

All games shall be governed by the CARHA Rule Book plus our Association Tournament Rules which shall be included in each teams Tournament Package.  All male participants shall be over the age of 35 years for Divisions A-B-C-D or above the age of 45 years for the Omega Marine (Over 45) Division prior to the initial drop of the puck at any teams’ first game. Female players may be 19 years of age and over.

CARHA Player Insurance is mandatory for each participant.  Proof of Insurance shall be forthcoming at the time of registration. Teams are divided into five (5) ability driven Divisions based upon prior participant and/or team performance.  However, the final team seedings shall be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

We are proud to confirm that Canadian North is once again our major sponsor.  For teams travelling on Canadian North routes (i.e. Edmonton, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet,  Cambridge Bay) and wishing to reduce their travel costs, Canadian North will provide reduced airfare costs for players.  Information related to accessing this reduced fare opportunity is available through the Tournament Registrar (contact information below).

Registration may be made by contacting Mike Yakabuski, Tournament Registrar, at michaelyakabuski@hotmail.com  or  867-920-6167w, 867-446-5224c, 867-873-0584f.


Yellowknife Old timers Hockey Association

2015 Balsillie Cup Rules

The YKOHA Tournament follows the CARHA Rule Book with the addition of:

  1. Players must be thirty-five (35) years of age or older prior to the first game of the tournament and female players may be 19 years of age and over.
  2. Players must play for one team only. An exception to the rule is made for the over-45 (Omega) Division, where players from other divisions may also play in this division if they are 45 and over.
  3. A player must play in at least one (1) round robin game to be eligible to play in the final championship game; semi-finals to be considered a round robin game.
  4. A team must have a minimum of eight (8) skaters plus a goaltender dressed for any game. If a team does not have 8 skaters plus a goalie at the start of the game, the game is forfeited. The team with the correct number of players receives 2 points for a win and 3 goals for the plus minus consideration.  If neither team has sufficient players both teams receive a loss.  No points.  No goals. In this situation there is no game and the ice time is not used even for shinny. (rule 8 before 4)
  5. Teams may replace a goaltender only in the event of an injury or sickness. Replacement goaltenders must be approved by the tournament committee. The replacement goaltender must   be from the same division or lower.
  6. Goaltenders may wear a “Cat Eye” mask providing it is a legal mask as per CARHA ruling.
  7. If during the course of play a shot hits the goaltender in the mask, play is stopped immediately. If the shot deflects off the mask and in the goal, the goal is disallowed.
  8. All games will consist of three 20 min straight time periods with last 3 mins stop time if teams are within two goals. Floods will be done every second period.
  9. If a player receives three (3) penalties in one game, the player is ejected for the remainder of that game. Any players assessed a fighting penalty will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.
  10. Late Starts – the team causing the delay in the starting of the game will be penalized with one (1) goal for every five (5) minutes that the game is delayed to a maximum of 3 goals, then defaults.  The clock runs for 15 minutes.
  11. If the goal spread is greater than five (5) goals in the second period, the clock will continue to run. The maximum plus minus is 6.
  12. Ties

Round Robin

  1. a) Five (5) minute straight Sudden Death Overtime period (winner receives two (2) points, the loser receives no (0) points).
  2. b) If the game is still tied after the five (5) minute OT period, each team will be awarded one (1) point.

Semi -Final and Final Games

  1. a) Five (5) minute stop time Sudden Death Overtime period
  2. b) If still tied, each team will compete in a best of five (5) shootout
  3. c) If still tied, three different players will compete in a best of three (3) shootout
  4. d) This process will continue until a winner has been found


  1. Ties in the standings after completion of the Round Robin play will be broken using the following procedure:
  2. Head to head wins/losses
  3. Goals for minus goals against (plus/minus)
  4. Team with the lowest penalty record

In the event of a three way tie, or more, in the round robin games, any team that defaults cannot advance.

Tournament Committee will make the final decision in regards to standing.


You can find the full document and the registration document by clicking here.